Daylily Plant List Q-Z

Daylily Plant List: Online 2019


Alphabetical Daylily Plant List:  P-Z 

The following plants are in our fields for the 2019 Planting Season.  Plants delivered beginning approximately the 3rd week of May 2019 (weather permitting):

* Highlighted plants in yellow are readily available for purchase on our website. (simply click on the link and purchase!) 

* Highlighted plants in pink are readily available for purchase on our website and are pending photo uploads & sometimes description info. (simply click on the link to purchase)

* Non-highlighted plants are in our fields, but are special order plants. For non-highlighted plants, please contact us via Email ( for pricing & special ordering details. This stock is limited, but please do not be afraid to ask if we have enough to service you!

We are adding plant stock daily so check back often! (Updated alpha "Pe-Z" as of 1/23/2019)

Pacific Rainbow

Painted Peach

Painting the Roses Red

Pamela Williams Daylily Pamela Williams Daylily


Pandora's Box Daylily

Paper Butterfly Daylily Paper Butterfly Daylily

Parade of Peacocks Daylily Parade of Peacocks Daylily


Paranoid Lovesick

Party Queen

Pasqueflower Daylily Pasqueflower Daylily

Pastel Pink Daylily Pastel Pink Daylily

Pastor James

Patrician Splendor Daylilyn Patrician Splendor Daylily

Pat Thornton Daylily Pat Thornton Daylily

Peach Magnolia

Peacock Maiden Daylily Peacock Maiden Daylily

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

Peggy Jeffcoat Daylily Peggy Jeffcoat Daylily

Persian Market Daylily Persian Market Daylily

Persian Ruby

Persimmon DaylilyBuy Persimmon Daylily from Iriswarehouse

Persimmon Punch DaylilyPersimmon Punch Daylily Buy Persimmon Punch Daylily

Picket Fences Daylily 

Picture Hat Daylily

Ping Pong Daylily Ping Pong Daylily

Pink Ambrosia Daylily

Pink Cluster Spider DaylilyBuy Pink Cluster Spider Daylily

Pink Debutante

Pink Fireworks

Pink Lavender Appeal Daylily

Pink Panoply DaylilyBuy Pink Panoply Daylily from Iriswarehouse

Pink Puff DaylilyBuy Pink Puff Daylily from Daylilywarehouse

Pink Scintillation

Pink Super spider DaylilyPurchase Pink Super Spider Daylily

Planet Max Daylily 

Plinko Daylily Plinko Daylily

Popol Vuh Dalily Popol Vhu Daylily


Possum in a Sack Daylily Possum In a Sack Daylily

Prairie Blue Eyes 

Preppy Pink

Primal Scream Daylily 

Princeton PaprikaPurchase Princeton Paprika Daylily

Priscella's Rainbow

Prissy Frills 

Prissy Peekaboo

Pug Yarborough daylilyBuy Pug Yarborough Daylily

Pumpkin Kid DaylilyBuy online Pumpkin Kid Daylily

Purple Avenger

Purple Pinwheel

Purple SatelliteBuy Purple Satellite Daylily

Purple Tempest

Quick Results Buy Quick Results Daylily

Rachel Lambertson 

Radiant Moonbeam DaylilyBuy Radiant Moonbeam Daylily

Radiant Simplicity Daylily Radiant Simplicity Daylily

Rain DanceBuy Rain Dance Daylily

Rainbow Maker N

Raspberry MasqueradeBuy Raspberry Masquerade Daylily

Raspberry Winter 11.00

Red Wine Cup Daylily Buy Red Wine Cup Daylily

Regal Air Daylily

Regal Elegance Daylily

Regal Giant Daylily Buy Regal Giant

River NileBuy River Nile Dayliliy

Road to Samarkand

Robert QuasdorfBuy Robert Quasdorf Daylily

Robert Lee Batt Robert Lee Batt Daylily

Rock Lobster Daylily Rock Lobster Daylily

Rocket City Daylily  9.99

Rockydell's Wendi Cherie Daylily $11.00

Rocky HorrorPurchase Rocky Horror Daylily

Role Model Daylily 

Rolling Hill Rolling Hill Daylily

Roman Toga

Rootin Tootin Red Daylily Rootin Tootin Red Daylily

Rope Dancer Buy Rope Dancer Daylily

Roses in SnowBuy Roses in Snow Daylily

Roswitha Buy Roswitha Daylily

Rosy Fragrance

Rosy Returns

Rouged Talisman Buy Rouged Talisman Daylily

Royal Blue Blood Buy Royal Blue Blood Daylily

Royal OccasionRoyal Occasion Daylily

Royal Plate

Ruby Spider Buy Ruby Spider Daylily

Ruffled BudsPurchase Ruffled Buds Dayliliy

Ruffles Elegante Ruffles Elegante Daylily

Russell's Minuet Russell's Minuet Daylily

Ruth Bell Graham Ruth Bell Graham Daylily Purchase Ruth Bell Graham Daylily

Salem Witch

Salieri Salieri Daylily


San Anthonio Thunderstorm

Sandra Elizabeth Sandra Elizabeth Daylily

Satan's Fire Daylily Satan's Fire Daylily

Sauce PiquanteSauce Piquante Daylily

Savoy Daylily Savoy Daylily

ScatterbrainBuy Scatterbrain Daylily

Scrambled Legs Scrambled Legs Daylily Buy

Sears Tower 14.00

Sea Urchin

Secondhand Rose Daylily Second Hand Rose Daylily

Second ThoughtsBuy Second Thoughts Daylily

September Winner Daylily September Winner Daylily

Selma Long Legs Daylily 12.00

Serena Dancer

Shadow Passage

Shamrock Dew

Shark's ToothBuy Shark's Tooth Daylily

Sheepscot Valley Glow 

Shibui SplendorBuy Shibui Splendor Daylily

Shoutin' the Blues Daylily Shoutin' the Blues Daylily

Siloam Apple Blossom Buy Siloam Apple Blossom Daylily

Siloam Bumblebee

Siloam David Kirchhoff Buy Siloam David Kirchhoff

Siloam Double ClassicBuy Siloam Double Classic

Siloam Double CoralBuy Siloam Double Coral Daylily

Siloam Dream Baby siloam dream baby

Siloam Ethel Smith siloam ethel smith

Siloam GumdropSiloam Gumdrop Daylily

Siloam Helpmate Daylily 9.00

Siloam Merle Kent Buy Siloam Merle Kent Daylily   

Siloam Paul WattsBuy Siloam Paul Watts Daylily

Siloam Peony Display Daylily Siloam Peony Display Daylily

Siloam Red Ruby Buy Siloam Red Ruby Daylily

Siloam Ruby Christie Buy Siloam Ruby Christie Daylily

Siloam Show Girl Buy Siloam Show Girl

Siloam Tiny TimBuy Siloam Tiny Tim Daylily

Siloam Wide Lace

Silver Ice

Silver Quasar

Sings the Blues

SkinwalkerBuy Skinwalker Daylily

Smokey Mountain Autumn  9.99

Snow BlizzardBuy Snow Blizzard Daylily

Snow Frost Pink

Solar PowerBuy Solar Power Daylily

Something Wonderful

Sonic WatersBuy Sonic Waters Daylily

Soul on Fire Daylily 16.00

Sounds of Silence

Spacecoast Cranberry Kid

Spacecoast Fancy Dancer Spacecoast Fancy Dancer Daylily

Spacecoast Firestarter Daylily 

Speak of Angels

Spider BreederBuy Spider Breeder Daylily

Spider Man Daylily Spider Man Daylily

Spider Miracle DaylilyBuy Spider Miracle Daylily

Spider Web


Spiny Sea UrchinBuy Spiny Sea Urchin Daylily

Spring Fling

Star Chamber

Star of FantasyStar of Fantasy Daylily

Star Twister

Starched WhiteBuy Starched White Daylily

Stargate Portal

Starman's Quest Daylily Starmans Quest Daylily


Start Me Up

Startle Daylily Startle Daylily

Stella De Oro Daylily

Stellar Double Rose DaylilyBuy Stellar Double Rose Daylily

Stolen Treasure Dayuily

Stoplight Daylily 9.99

Strawberry CandyBuy Strawberry Candy Daylily

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strutter's Ball

Subtle Beauty

Sultan's Warrior

Summer Echoes 10.00

Summer Jubilee

Summer Thunder

Summer Wind  

Sunday Gloves  Buy Sunday Gloves Daylily

Sundown DaylilyBuy Sundown Daylily

Sunny Delight

Super Mom 

Super Ruffled LaceBuy Super Ruffled Lace Daylily

Superficial Sighs


Susan Heimerdinger Daylily Susan Heimerdinger Daylily  

Susan WeberBuy Susan Weber Daylily

Sussex Way

Swallow Tall Kite

Sweet Shalimar Daylily Sweet Shalimar Daylily

Tall Dark Stranger Tall Dark Stranger Daylily



Techny Peach LaceBuy Techny Peach Lace Daylily

Tennessee Sensation

Tennessee Sunset

Thanks Two Friends Thanks Two Friends Daylily

The Jury's Out

Thornbird DaylilyBuy Thornbird Daylily

Three Carols Daylily Three Carols Daylily

Three Seasons

Through Dark Waters

Tiffany Gold DaylilyBuy Tiffany Gold Daylily

Tiger on Stilts

Tigerling DaylilyBuy Tigerling Daylily

Timeless Romance

Tina Renea

Tippy Tippy PinBuy Tippy Tippy Tin Daylily


Topguns Dragon Fire

Topguns Rie Rie

Trahlyta DaylilyBuy Trahlyta Daylily

Tranquil Aura

Tranquil Waters 

Tropical Depression Buy Tropical Depression Daylily

Tropical Tangerine

Truly Angelic

Tune The Harp

Turquoise Temple 

Tuscawilla Blackout

Tuscawilla Tigress Daylily Tuscawilla Tigress Daylily

Tuscawilla Tranquility  

Twilight Rose

Twilight SecretsBuy Twilight Secrets Daylily

Two Part Harmony

Two to Tango Daylily

Tylwth Teg Daylily

Umbrella Parade Daylily 

Uncle Bryan DaylilyBuy Uncle Bryan Daylily


Unforgettable Fire DaylilyUnforgettable Fire Daylily


Unique Display 

Untamed Glory Daylily

Up In Flames DaylilyUp In Flames Daylily

Upper Crust Society

Uptown Girl

Valley Monster DaylilyBuy Valley Monster Daylily

Vanilla Fluff Daylly Vanilla Fluff Daylily

Variegated Jackman

Velvet Beads

Vermillion Clouds

Vera Bigelow DaylilyBuy Vera Bigelow Daylily

Vesuvian Blackout 

Vi Simmons Vi Simmons Daylily

Victorian Christmas DaylilyVictorian Christmas Daylily

Watchyl Christmas WidowBuy Watchyl Christmas Widow

Walt Reinke DaylilyBuy Walt Reinke Daylily

War March Daylily War March Daylily

WaterbirdWind Frills Dayliy

Watermelon Time Daylily Watermelon Time Daylily

Wayside King Royale Daylily Wayside King Royale Daylily

Web of Intrique Web of Intrigue Daylily

Webster Lupton Daylily Webster Lupton Daylily

 Webster's Pink Wonder 

Welcome to Xenon Welcome to Xenon Daylily

Westhampton Daylily Westhampton Daylily

Which Way Jim Daylily  Buy Which Way Jim Daylily

Whimsical Daylly Buy Whimsical Daylily

Whip City Jittie Daylily Whip City Jittie Daylily

White Eyes Pink Dragon White Eyes Pink Dragon Daylily

Wild Mustang Daylily Wild Mustang Daylily

Willie Belle Daylily Buy Willie Belle Daylily


Wilson Spider DaylilyBuy Wilson Spider Daylily

Wind Frills  DaylilyWind Frills Dayliy

Wineberry Candy DaylilyBuy Wineberry Candy Daylily

Winning Note Daylily

Winter in Eden

Witches Brew

Women Seeking Men 16.00

Woodside AmethystBuy Woodside Amethyst Daylily

Yazoo Wild Violet Buy Yazoo Wild Violet Daylily

Yellow Daylily Collection  Buy Yellow Daylily Collection

Zelazney Buy Zelazney Daylily

Zela Virginia Daylily Zella Virginia Daylily

 Zola's Pink Night Gown  10.00