daylily online plant list a-p



Shipping OF DAYLILIES for the 2019 daylily season will begin approx. the 3rd week in May (weather permitting).

Daylily Online 2019 Plant List  A - P

 The following daylily plants are in our growing fields for the 2019 Planting Season:

* Highlighted daylily plants in yellow are readily available for purchase on our website. (simply click on the link and purchase!) In the event the link is not working, feel free to go to "Daylily Alphabetical" to find your daylily purchase".  

* Highlighted plants in pink are readily available for purchase on our website and are pending photo uploads

* Plants that are in green will be sold this season, but are currently being uploaded and inventoried.  Feel free to email us to add these to your order. (

Non-highlighted plants are in our fields, or are special order plants or in our nursery or hybridizing program and are probably not available this season.  We normally have a three year cycle for sales. Please contact us via Email ( for pricing & special ordering details. This stock is limited, but please do not be afraid to ask if we have enough to service you! Daylilies marked "N" are in our nursery or in hybridizing and will probably not be available this season.  

We are adding to our 2019 plant stock list daily so check back often!  

Listings have been updated as of 1/28/2019

A Green Desire A Green Desire Daylily

Aabachee DaylilyAabachee Daylily

Accent on Style Accent on Style Daylily

Admirals Braid Daylily Admirals Braid Daylily

African Chant Daylily African Chant Daylily

Alabama Jubilee Daylily

Alaskan Midnight DaylilyAlaskan Midnight Daylily

All Aboard For Columbus Daylily All Aboard for Columbus Daylily

All American Eagle Daylily

Alna Pride Daylily Alna Pride Daylily

Always Afternoon Daylily Always Afternoon Daylily

Amethyst Squid Daylily

Ancient Elf Daylily Ancient Elf Daylily

Angel Rodger $11.00

Anglican Church Daylily Buy Anglican Church Daylily

Aniakchak DaylilyAniakchak Daylily

Ann Virginia Daylily  $9.99

Apache Bandana daylilyApache Bandana Daylily

Apache War Dance Daylily Apache War Dance Daylily

Apocolypse Now DaylilyBuy Apolcalypse Now Daylily

ApollodorusApollodorus Daylily

Apple Swirl Daylily $11.00

Aqua Velva Man Daylily Buy Aqua Velva Man Daylily

Aquamarine Daylily Buy Aquamarine Daylily  

Archangel Daylily

Arctic Snow DaylilyBuy Arctic Snow Daylily

Arson Daylily Buy Arson Daylily

Art Gallery Fringe DaylilyArt Gallery Fringe Daylily

Assyrian Chariot daylilyAssyrian Chariot Daylily

As Time Goes By DaylilyBuy As Time Goes By Daylily

Atlanta Southern Beauty Daylily Buy Atlanta Southern Beauty Daylily

Aunt Grace Daylily 

Autumn Wood Daylily Buy Autumn Wood Daylily

Awesome Blossom Daylily $9.99

Aztec Firebird Daylily Aztec Firebird Daylily

Aztec Priestess DaylilyAztec Priestess Daylily

Babylonian Pearl Daylily Babylonian Pearl Daylily  

Bailey Hay Daylily

Baitoushan Daylily Baitoushan Daylily

Bali WatercolorBali Watercolor Daylily

Banned in Boston DaylilyBuy Banned in Boston Daylily

Banshee Whisper Daylily Banshee Whisper Daylily

Barbara Mitchell DaylilyBarbara Mitchell Daylily

Bark at MeBark at Me Daylily

Bayou Bride Daylily Bayou Bride Daylily


Beaukiss DaylilyBeaukiss Daylily

Beautiful Edgings DaylilyBuy Beautiful Edgings Daylily

Becky Lynn Buy Becky Lynn Daylily

Bel Aire Dawn Buy Bel Aire Dawn Daylily

Bela Lugosi DaylilyBuy Bela Lugosi Daylily

Belgium Ancestor DaylilyBelguim Ancestor Daylily

Beloved Deceiver Daylily Beloved Deceiver Daylily

Ben Arthur Davis Daylily Buy Ben Arthur Davis Daylily

Bengali Princess Daylily  Bengali Princess Daylily

Bermuda Coral Daylily Buy Bermuda Coral Daylily

Best Kept Secret Daylily Best Kept Secret Daylily

Betty Woods Daylily Betty Woods Daylily

Beyond Rangoon Daylily Beyond Rangoon Daylily

Bigcabin Beginnings Daylily Big Cabin Beginnings Daylily

Bill Norris Daylily Bill Norris Daylily

BitsyBuy Bitsy Daylily

Black Eyed Stella Buy Black Eyed Stella Daylily

Blue Luster Daylily $9.00

Blue Nile Daylily Blue Nile Daylily

Blue Reflection Buy Blue Reflection Daylily

Blue Voodoo Buy Blue Voodoo Daylily

Blueberry Frost Buy Blueberry Frost Daylily

Blueberry Trumpet Daylily Blueberry Trumpet Daylily

Blushing JellyfishBlushing Jellyfish Daylily

Blushing Summer Valentine Daylily $11.00

Blythe Belle Daylily Blythe Belle Daylily

Boogie My Woogie Daylily Boogie My Woogie Baby Daylily

Border Bride Border Bride Daylily  

Border Crossing 

Border Lord Border Lord Daylily

Bozo buy Bozo Daylily

Brand New LoverPurchase Brand New Lover Daylily

Brer Rabbit's Baby Buy Brer Rabbits Baby

Bridal Suite  Buy Bridal Suite Daylily

Bridgeton Bastion Bridgeton Bastion Daylily

Bric-A-Brac Buy Bric-A-Brac Daylily

Brocaded Gown Brocaded Gown Daylily

Brookwood Carved Ivory Daylily

Brookwood Double Time DaylilyBuy Brookwood Double Time Daylily

Brookwood Lee CauseyBuy Brookwood Lee Causey Daylily

Brown WitchBrown Witch Daylily

Butterfly Encounter Butterfly Encounter Daylily

Buttered Popcorn Daylily $9.00

Calypso Dancer DaylilyCalypso Dancer Daylily

Cameroon Night Daylily

Canadian Border Patrol Daylily $9.00

Candlelight Gala Daylily Candlelight Gala Daylily

Carolina Low Country Buy Carolina Low Country

Carolispider Carolispider Daylily

Carolyn Hunt

Carpenter Shavings Daylily Carpenter Shavings Daylily

Carrick Wildon Daylily Carrick Wildon Daylily

Cast a Spell Daylily

Casting the Runes Daylily Buy Casting the Runes Daylily

CatalinaBuy Catalina Daylily

Catch a Falling Star Daylily Catch A Falling Star Daylily

Cedar Waxwing Daylily Buy Cedar Waxwing Daylily

Celebrity Elite Daylily Buy Celebrity Elite Daylily

Chain Reaction Daylily Buy Chain Reaction Daylily

Chestnut Eyes DaylilyBuy Chestnut Eyes Daylily

Chestnut Mountain Daylily Chestnut Mountain Daylily

Chicago Apache Chicago Apache Daylily

Chicago Cattleya

Chicagoland Millenium Chicagoland Millenium Daylily

Chicagoland Revolution

Chief Four Fingers

Chief of Staff Daylily  $14.00

China Dragon Daylily Buy China Dragon Daylily

Chorus Line Daylily Chorus Line Daylily

Christine Dixon Daylily Christine Dixon Daylily

Christmas Story

Ciarra VonnieBuy Ciarra Vonnie Daylily

Clarification Daylily Clarification Daylily  

Classic Rose Daylily Classic Rose Daylily

Claudia Ford Daylily Buy Claudia Ford Daylily

Coach's Pride Daylily Coachs Pride Daylily

Coburg Fright Wig Daylily Coburg Fright Wig Buy Coburg Fright Wig Daylily

Coburg Pink Wink Daylily Coburg Pink Wink Daylily

Concorde Nelson Daylily  Concorde Nelson Daylily

Cool Summer Breeze Buy Cool Summer Breeze Daylily

Corryton Pink Daylily Corryton Pink Daylily

Courtyard Quest  Buy Courtyard Quest Daylily

Creepy Crawler Daylily

Critics Choice Daylily Critics Choice Daylily

Cupids Heart Daylily Cupid's Heart Daylily

Curly Cinnamon Windmill DaylilyCurly Cinnamon Windmill

Curly Pink Ribbons Daylily Curly Rosy Posy Daylily

Curly Rosy PoseyBuy Curly Pink Ribbons Daylily

Daning in a Pink Dress Daylily Dancing in a Pink Dress Daylily

Daring Deception DaylilyDaring Deception Daylily

Darla Anita

David Kirchoff Daylily David Kirchhoff Daylily

Decatur Special 

Destined to See daylily Destined To See Daylily

Dewi Sant

Divertissement Daylily Divertissment Daylily

Dorothy Mae Daylily $14.00

Double Dipper Daylily Double Dipper Daylily

Double Firecracker DaylilyDouble Firecracker Daylily

Double Pompon Daylily Double Pompon Daylily

Double River Wye Daylily Buy Double River Wye Daylily

Dream Team

Driftglass Daylily Buy Driftglass Daylily

Droopy Drawers DaylilyDroopy Drawers Daylily  

Druids Chant DaylilyDruids Chant Daylily

Dublin Elaine Daylily Dublin Elaine Daylily

Easy Ned Daylily Buy Easy Ned Daylily

Ed Murray Daylily buy Ed Murray Daylily

Ed Schellenbeerg's Bromley Splendor Daylily 

Effay Veronica Daylily Effay Veronica Daylily

Egyptian Ibis Daylily Buy Egyptian Ibis Daylily

Egyptian Myth Daylily Egyptian Myth Daylily

Elizabeth Francis Woodhall

Elizabeth Salter

Elmer's Tune Fest DaylilyElmers Tune Fest Daylily

Ember Music

Embroidery Daylily Buy Embroidery Daylily

Emperor's Dragon Daylily Buy Emperor's Dragon Daylily

Enchanted April Daylily 


Entrapment Daylily Entrapment Daylily

Erin Farmer Daylily Erin Farmer Daylily

Evelyn Lela Stout Daylily Buy Evelyn Lela Stout Daylily

Evening Tulip Daylily Buy Evening Tulip Daylily

Every Which Way and Loose DaylilyEvery Which Way But Loose Daylily

Eye of Round Daylily Eye of Round Daylily

Faber Saber Daylily Faber Sabre Daylily

Fair to Middlin' Daylily Buy Fair to Middlin Dayliy

Fairytale Pink Daylily Fairy Tale Pink Daylily

Fashion Sense Daylily Fashion Sense Daylily

Feeling Groovy Daylily  Feeling Groovy Daylily

Ferengi Gold

Festive Fall Daylily  Buy Festive Fall Daylily

Firestorm Daylily Firestorm Daylily

Fleeting Fancy Daylily Fleeting Fancy Daylily

Flight of the Raven Daylily Fleeting Fancy Daylily

Flycatcher Daylily Flycatcher Daylily

Forsyth White Buds Daylily Buy Forsyth White Buds Daylily

Forty Second Street Daylily Buy Forty Second Street Daylily

Francis of Assissi Daylily

Frank Teele Daylily Frank Teele Daylily

Frankie's Fantasy Daylily

Freckled Lass Daylily Buy Freckled Lass Daylily  

Free Wheelin Daylily

Full Reward Daylily Full Reward Daylily

Future Whispers Daylily Future Whispers Daylily

Gadsen Goliath Daylily Buy Gadsen Goliath Daylily

Gail Braunstein Daylily Buy Gail Braunstein Daylily

Gather at the River

Gentle Shepherd Daylily Buy Gentle Shepherd Daylily

Germaine Brockington Daylily Buy Germaine Brockington Daylily

Give Me Eight Daylily Give Me Eight Daylily

Glorious Temptation Daylily  Buy Glorious Temptation Daylily

Good Morning America Daylily Buy Good Morning America Daylily

Gram's Dream Daylily Grams Dream Daylily

Grey Witch Daylily

Greywoods Tootsie Two Shoes Greywoods Tootsie Two Shoes Daylily

Gudrid Gudrid Daylily

Heal Thy Spirit Daylily

Heavenly Fire Arrow Daylily

Heavenly Velociraptor Daylily

Helter Skelter Daylily Helter Skelter Daylily

High Blaze Daylily High Blaze Daylily

Highland Lord DaylilyBuy Highland Lord Daylily

Ho Hum Pink Daylily Ho Hum Pink Daylily

Holly Dancer Daylily 

Honor Cadet

Holy Moses Daylily Buy Holy Moses Daylily

Holy Promise Daylily Buy Holy Promise Daylily

Hot Town Daylily

Huckleberry Candy Daylily Huckleberry Candy Daylily

Hyperion Daylily Hyperion Daylily


Illini Jackpot DaylilyIllini Jackpot Daylily

Imperial Impression Daylily Buy Imperial Impression Daylily

Infinity Daylily Buy Infinity Daylily

Inky Fingers DaylilyBuy Inky Fingers Daylily

Isosceles DaylilyBuy Isoceles Daylily

Jade Star Daylily Jade Star Daylily

Jambalaya Daylily Jambalaya Daylily

Jane Meyer Daylily Jane Meyer Daylily  

Janice Brown Daylily Janice Brown Daylily

Jan's Twister Daylily Jan's Twister Daylily

Jason Salter Daylily Buy Jason Salter Daylily

Jasper Glow Daylily Buy Jasper Glow Daylily

Jay Daylily Buy Jay Daylily

Je Naye Daylily Je Naye Daylily

Jean Swann Daylily Buy Jean Swann Daylily

Jean Wise Daylily  Jean Wise Daylily

Jedi Berry Bluff Gudrid Daylily

Jedi Rachel Daylily Buy Jedi Rachel Daylily

Jelly Dancer Daylily Jelly Dancer Daylily

Jerry Hyatt Daylily Jerry Hyatt Daylily


Jesters Lament DaylilyJesters Lament Daylily

Jewel Case Daylily Jewel Case Daylily

Jim McGinnis Daylily Buy Jim McGinnis Daylily

John Peat Daylily John Peat Daylily

Joseph Dream Daylily Buy Joseph Dream Daylily

Julia's Choice Daylily Buy Julia's Choice Daylily

Julian Cohen Daylily

Jungle Beauty Daylily Buy Jungle Beauty Daylily

Jungle Coral Daylily Buy Jungle Coral Daylily

Jungle Man Daylily Jungle Man Daylily

Kara Mia 

Karen Sue Daylily Buy Karen Sue Daylily

Kathy Perkins DaylilyKathy Perkins Daylily

Kent's Favorite Two Daylily Kents Favorite Two Daylily

Key to My Heart Daylily

Kindly Light Daylily Buy Kindly Light Daylily

Kindly Light Curls Daylily

Knower Spider DaylilyKnower Spider Daylily

Lake Effect Daylily Buy Lake Effect Daylily

Lake Norman Spider Daylily Lake Norman Spider Daylily

Last Flight Out Daylily Last Flight Out Daylily

Late Summer Breeze Daylily Buy Late Summer Breeze Daylily

Lavender Deal DaylilyLavender Deal Daylily

Lawless Woman Buy Lawless Woman Daylily

Layers of Gold Daylily Buy Layers of Gold Daylily

Lee Reinke Daylily Buy Lee Reinke Daylily

Lemonberry Truffle

Lenox Daylily Buy Lenox Daylily

Lexington Avenue DaylilyLexington Avenue Daylily

Light of the World Daylily Light of the World Daylily

Lilac Cockatoo daylily Lilac Cockatoo Daylily

Lilting Belle Daylily Buy Lilting Bell Daylily

Lips Like Sugar Daylily Lips Like Sugar Daylily

Little Big Man Daylily Little Big Man Daylily

Little Grapette Daylily Little Grapette Daylily

Little Red Dragon Daylily Buy Little Red Dragon Daylily

Little Rosy Cloud Daylily Little Rosy Cloud Daylily

Lola BranhamLola Branham Daylily

Long Stocking

Lotus Dream Daylily Lotus Dream Daylily

Lovely Pink Lady

Lullaby Baby Daylily Lullaby Baby Daylily

Lyrical Presence Daylily Buy Lyrical Presence Daylily

Mad City Blush Daylily Buy Mad City Blush Daylily

Magnificent Rainbow Daylily Buy Magnificent Rainbow Daylily

Mahukona DaylilyBuy Mahukona Daylily

Malaysian Monarch DaylilyBuy Malaysian Monarch Daylily

Mama's Cherry Pie Daylily

Margaret Dickson Daylily Buy Margaret Dickson Daylily

Marilyn Siwik DaylilyBuy Marilyn Siwik Daylily

Marmalade Skies 

Mary Todd DaylilyBuy Mary Todd Daylily

Mask of Time Daylily Buy Mask of Time Daylily

Masked Emotions DaylilyMasked Emotions Daylily

Matisse Daylily Matisse Daylily

Mayan Poppy Daylily Mayan Poppy Daylily

Meaningful Gesture Dayliily Meaningful Gesture Daylily

Melda MorphalotMelda Morphalot Daylily

Mema's Dingbat Daylily

Mephisophiles Daylily  

Michelle My Belle Daylily Buy Michelle My Belle Dalily

Mico Daylily 

Mighty Shogun Daylily Mighty Shogun Daylily

Milady Greensleeves Milady Greensleeves Daylily

Miss Jessie Daylily Buy Miss Jessie Daylily

Missouri Royalty DaylilyMissouri Royalty Daylily

Monster Daylily Monster Daylily

Moonlight Masquerade Daylily Moonlight Masquerade Daylily

Moorea Daylily  

Morphin Time Daylily Morphin Time Daylily

Moses Fire Daylily

Mount Helena Daylily Mount Helena Daylily

Muscle and Blood DaylilyMuscle and Blood Daylily

Nathan Sommers Daylily Buy Nathan Sommers Daylily

New Series Daylily New Series Daylily

Newberry Frilly Lady Daylily  Buy Newberry Frilly Lady Daylily

Night Deposit Daylily Night Deposit Daylily

Night EmbersBuy Night Embers Daylily

Nivia Guest Daylily  Buy Nivea Guest Daylily

Nordic Night DaylilyNordic Night Daylily

North Wind Drifter Daylily North Wind Drifter Daylily

Nosferatu Daylily Nosferatu Daylily

Novarlis Daylily Novarlis Daylily Buy Novarlis

Now and Zen Daylily Buy Now and Zen Daylily

Ocean's Eleven

Ocean Rain Daylily  Buy Ocean Rain Daylily

Olallie Mack Daylily Buy Olallie Mack Daylily

Old King Cole Daylily Old King Cole Daylily

Omega Supreme Daylily

One Last Kiss Daylily 

One More Heartache Daylily Buy One More Heartache Daylily

On Silken Thread Daylily

Open Hearth DaylilyOpen Hearth Daylily

Orange You Special Daylily Orange You Special Daylily

Orchid Candy DaylilyBuy Orchid Candy Daylily

Orchid Hunter Daylily

Painted Peach Daylily

Pamela Williams Daylily Pamela Williams Daylily

Panic in Detroit Daylily

Paper Butterfly Daylily Paper Butterfly Daylily

Parade of Peacocks Daylily Parade of Peacocks Daylily

Party Queen Daylily

Pasqueflower Daylily Pasqueflower Daylily

Pastel Pink Daylily Pastel Pink Daylily

Patchwork Puzzle Daylily

Pat Thornton daylilyPat Thornton Daylily

Pee Wee's Big Adventure Daylily Pee Wees Big Adventure Daylily

Penny Pinsley Daylily Buy Penny Pinsley Daylily

Persian Market Daylily Persian Market Daylily

Persian Ruby Daylily

Persimmon Daylily  Buy Persimmon Daylily

Persimmon Punch DaylilyPersimmon Punch Daylily Buy Persimmon Punch Daylily

Ping Pong Daylily Buy Ping Pong Daylily

Pink Cluster Spider Daylily Buy Pink Cluster Spider Daylily

Planet Max Daylily

Plinko Daylily Plinko Daylily

Princeton Paprika Daylily  Buy Princeton Paprika Daylily

Prissy Frills Daylily Prissy Frills Daylily

Pug Yarborough Daylily Pug Yarborough Daylily

Pumpkin Kid Daylily Pumpkin Kid Daylily

Purple Satellite Daylily Buy Purple Satellite Daylily