Iris Online Plant List N-Z

2019 Iris Plant List Complete List N-Z


Orders for the 2019 season will be shipped approx. the last week of June, 2019.  We will be updating inventory in October, Jan, Feb, March, April, May and June 2019.

  • Highlighted plants in yellow are readily available for purchase on our website. (simply click on the link to the right of the name to order)


  • Highlighted plants in pink are readily available for purchase on our website and are pending photo uploads & description info. (You may also click on the product link to the right of the name to order).  Many of our purchasers are familiar with the names and do not need to see a photo.  However, we are loading these as quickly as we can.  In the meantime, feel free to reserve them at our "discounted" iris without photo prices!


  • Non-highlighted plants are in our fields, but are special order plants. (Please send us an Email at:  contact for a price quote and to assure availability in the quantity you desire). 
  • (N) behind a name means that the iris is in our nursery or hybridizing area or is a new release and will NOT be available until there is enough stock or we have been given permission to release them.

Please check back often as we will continue to add stock and photos!

We have updated alpha "N" though "Z names list as of  3/4/2019


Iris   (N-Z) alphabetical):



Naples IrisBuy Naples Iris

Nassau Blue IrisNassau Blue Iris buy Nassau Blue Iris

Navajo (N)

Navajo Blanket Iris Buy Navaho Blanket Iris

Navy Blues IrisBuy Navy Blues Iris from Iriswarehouse

Neglecta IrisNeglecta Iris

Negra Modelo Iris Negra Modelo Iris Buy Negra Modelo Iris

Nehalem Bay Iris Nehalem Bay Iris

Neptune"s Gold Siberian Iris N

Neutron Dance IrisNeutron Dance Iris

New Mown Hay SIB N

Night Fires Iris Night fires iris buy Night Fires Iris

Nights of GladnessNights of Gladness

Night Ruler night ruler iris buy night ruler iris

No Place Like Home Iris (N)

No We Ta Iris (1931) (GG)

NOIDS (non-identified iris)Buy iris in bulk: Noids

Nora EileenBuy Nora Eileen Iris

NordicaBuy Nordica Iris

Northwest Progress Buy Iris Northwest Progress Iris

Nothing But the Blues Siberian Buy Nothing But the Blues Siberian iris

Nothing But NetBuy Nothing But Net Iris

Nouveau riche


October StormBuy October Storm Iris

Odoratissima Odoratissima Iris 1797

Off She Goes siberian N

Oklahoma Bandit N

Oklahoma Centennial N

Oktoberfest N

Ola Kala (1942) N

Old Black MagicBuy Old Black Magic Iris

Old Loyalties

Old Vin Zin SIB (N)


Olympic ChallengeBuy Olympic Challenge Iris

One More Night Iris N

On Edge Iris

Oracle (BB)

Orange Festival

Orange JeweliusBuy Orange Jewelius iris

Orange SlicesPurchase Orange Slices iris

Oreo N

Orinoco FlowOrinoco Flow Iris

Osay CanucBuy Osay Canuc Iris

Our love song

Outspoken Iris N (SDB) 

Over AlaskaBuy Over Alaska Iris

Over the Edge N

Over and OverBuy Over and Over Iris

Overnight Sensation Purchase Overnight Sensation Iris

Pacific CloudBuy Iris Pacific Cloud Iris

Pacific MistBuy Pacific Mist Iris

Pacific Panorama 

Pacifier Buy Iris Pacifier iris

Padded Shoulders

Pagan Dance

Painted PicturesBuy Painted Picture Iris

Painted Woman SIB (N)

Palais Royale

Pale Cloud (IB) Buy Pale Cloud Iris

Palida Verigata N Buy variegated iris

Panic ButtonBuy Panic Button Iris

Pandora's PurpleBuy Pandora's Purple Iris

Panama HattieBuy Panama Hattie iris

Paradise FoundBuy Paradise Found Iris

Parable Iris

Paradise Pink Iris

Parting Glances Iris N

Party of One Iris (N)

Party's Over (N)

Patriotic Heart Buy Patriotic Heart Iris

Patton Snowfall Buy Patton Snowfall Iris  N

Paul Black

Peach Float

Peach JamBuy Peach Jam iris online

Peach BrandyBuy Peach Brandy Iris

Peach Royale N

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Perfect Interlude  Buy Perfect Interlude Iris

Perfect UnionPurchase Perfect Union Iris

Perpetual Emotion Siberian 

Perpetual Joybuy Perpetual joy iris

Persian BerryBuy Persian Berry Iris

Persian Gown

Pet Set (SDB  in Nursery)Pet Set Purchase or view description

Petal Pushers Petal Pushers Iris

Peter Hewitt SIB (N)

Petit Ballerina (N) 

Phalanx Iris (N) (1951)

Pheasant Feathers N

Piano Bar MelodiesBuy Piano Bar Melodies Iris

Piano ManBuy Piano Man Iris

Picasso Moon  Picasso Moon Iris Buy Picasso Moon Iris

Pink Attraction Purchase Pink Attraction Iris

Pink BlushBuy Pink Blush Iris

Pink Carved N

Pink Formal (1927) N

Pink Froth N

Pink Haze Siberian N

Pink LenoxBuy Pink Lenox Iris

Pink Opal Siberian

Pinkness N

Pirate's QuestBuy Pirate's Quest iris or view description

Pixie Preview SiberianPixie Preview Siberian

Planned TreasurePurchase Planned Treasure Iris

Play With FirePurchase Play With Fire Iris

Pleated GownBuy Pleated Gown Iris

Pledge AllegienceBuy Pledge Allegiance Iris

Plum Pretty Whiskers Buy Iris Plum Pretty Whiskers

Plum Ripples Buy Plum Ripples Iris

Po No Mo Po No Mo Iris Buy or View description

Poem Of Ecstasy  Buy Poem of Ecstasy Iris

Pommegranite Punch SIB (N)

Pom Pom GirlPurchase Pom Pom Girl Iris

Pond Ripples 

Port of Call spuria N

Powder Blue CadillacBuy Powder Blue Cadillac Iris

Power Surge

Pretty Generous N

Presby's Crown JewelsPresbys Crown Jewel Iris

Pretty Is N

Pretty Perfect N

Pretty Polly SIB (N)

Pride of Ireland

Prime Power N

Prince George

Prince of BurgundyBuy Prince of Burgundy from iriswarehouse  (IB)

Princess Bride

Princess Caroline De MonacoBuy Princess Caroline de Monaco

 Priscilla of Corinth Iris Priscilla of Corinth Iris

Proud TraditionBuy Proud Tradition Iris

ProxyBuy Proxy Iris

PsychicBuy Psychic Iris

PT Barnum Iris (1979) N

Pure-as-thePurchase Pure As the Iris

Purissima (1927) N

Purple Serenade Purple Serenade Iris

Pursuit of Happiness

Queen DorothyBuy Queen Dorothy Iris

Queen in CalicoPurchase Queen in Calico Iris

Queen's Circle Iris (N)

Queen's Wish Iris (N)

Queen Lady Iris N

Queen of Angels Buy Queen of Angels

Racing heart

Radiant Caterpillar

RadioactiveBuy Radioactive Iris

Ramses Iris N

Rancho RoseBuy Rancho Rose Iris

Rangler Iris (N)

Rapter Red Iris Raptor Red Iris

Rare EditionBuy Iris Rare Edition Iris

Rare Find Iris

Rare Treat Iris  Buy Rare Treat Iris

Raspberry Blush (IB)Buy Raspberry Blush Iris or view descriiption

Raspberry Frills (N)

Raspberry Frost  

Raspberry Fudge

Raspberry Jam (SDB)

Raspberry Ribbon (N)

Raspberry Silk

Raven Girl

Raven's QuoteBuy Raven's Quote Iris

Rayas AdentroBuy Rayos Adentro Iris

RazzleberryBuy Razzleberry Iris

Reckless Abandon Iris (N)

Red Hot Chili Buy Red Hot Chili Iris

Red Hot Lover

Red LionBuy Red Lion Iris

Red Rock Canyon  (N)

Red Zinger Buy Red Zinger Iris

Redwood Supreme Spuria (N)

Reeda Jo  N

Reel Cute SIB N

Regal Affair


Revved Up Rose

Rhea (1928) N

 Rhythm Iris Rhythm Iris Buy Rhythm Iris

Rhythm of the Wind siberian N

Rigamarole SIB N

Right Already Buy Right Already Iris

Ring Around RosiePurchase Ring Around Rosie Iris


RingoBuy Ringo Iris


Ringtone (N)


RioBuy Rio Iris

Rip City Rip City Iris Buy Rip City Iris

Ripe RaspberryBuy Ripe Raspberry Iris

Rippling River

Rite of SpringBuy Right of Spring

RitzyBuy Ritzy Iris

River HawkBuy Iris River Hawk Iris

River's Edge

Riveting Buy Riveting Iris

Roccoco Iris N

Rock Star Buy Rock Star Iris

Rocket Red

Rodeo Drive


Role Model

Roku Oji Siberian Iris Buy Roku Oji Siberian Iris

Roman Song IrisRoman Song Iris

Romantic Evening

Romantic Mood

Roaring Jelly SIB

Rosalie FiggeBuy Rosalie Figge Iris

Rosa AdellBuy Rosa Adell Iris

Rose PrincessBuy Rose Princess Iris

Rosette WineBuy Rosette Wine Iris

Rosy Thumbprints

Royal Crusader

Royal Sterling

Royal StormBuy Royal Storm Iris


RoyalistBuy Royalist Iris


Rudolph Red Nose

Ruffled Ballet

Ruffled Goddess


Rush Creek

Russian Blue spuria

Rustic Cedar

Rustic Royalty

Rustle of Spring

Ruth Black

Sadie Mae SIB (N)

Saffron Flame  Buy Iris Saffron Flame Iris


Samurai WarriorBuy Samurai Warrior Iris

Sandy River Belle Siberian N

San Francisco (N) San Francisco Iris Buy San Francisco Iris

Sandy BeachBuy Sandy Beach Iris


Sapphire Gem (SDB)

Sapphire Hills IrisSapphire Hills Iris to purchase from Iriswarehouse

Satin Bow Iris

Satin Song IrisBuy Satin Song Iris

Satinwood Spuria

Saturday Night Live IrisBuy Saturday Night Live Iris

Savanna Sunset

Scandia Delight

Scene StealerBuy Scene Stealer Iris


Sea Kist

Sea PowerSea Power Iris

Sea Spray

Secret Recipe

Secret ServiceBuy Secret Service Iris from iriswarehouse

See Ya Later Siberian Iris NSee Ya Later Siberian Iris

Select Circle

Seneca Midnight Blues siberian Seneca Midnight Blues Siberian Iris

Seneca SnowdriftBuy Seneca Snowdrift

Shadows of Night

Shah JehanBuy Shah Jehan Iris

Shaker's Prayer Buy Shaker's Prayer Siberian iris

Shall We Dance Siberian Shall We Dance Siberian Iris

Sharp Dressed Man

Sharper ImageBuy Sharper Image Iris

She's All That

Shooting Sparks

ShoptalkPurchase Shoptalk Iris

Shoreline  Shoreline Iris


Sierra GrandeBuy Sierra Grande Iris

Sign of LeoBuy Sign of Leo Iris

Silent Strings (IB)

Silhouette Buy Iris Silhouette Iris

Silk Brocade

Silken Shade

Silver Heather Buy Silver Heather Iris

SilveradoBuy Silverado Iris


Simon Says SIB

Simply Delicious

Simply PrettyBuy Simply Pretty Iris from Iriswarehouse

Sing Again (IB)

Singing AngelBuy Singing Angel iris from Iriswarehouse


Sitting Pretty

Skating PartyBuy Skating Party Iris

Sky Hooks



Sky King Returns Iris



Slovac PrinceSlovak Prince Iris

Smiling Faces

Smiling Gold IrisBuy Smiling Gold Iris


Smooth MovePurchase Smooth Move Iris from Iriswarehouse

SmugglerBuy Smuggler Iris

Sneezy Buy Sneezy Iris from Iriswarehouse

Snitch Buy Snitch Iris

Snow BlizzardBuy Iris Snow Festival Iris

SnowbrookBuy Snowbrook iris

SnowmoundPurchase Snowmound Iris

Snowed In

So Fine

Soaring Thunderbird 

Society Page


Softened InnocenceBuy Softened Innocence Iris

Solar Fire

Solo FlightPurchase Solo Flight Iris from Iriswarehouse


Somebody Loves Me SiberianBuy Somebody Loves Me Siberian Iris

Some Like It Hot



Sonja's Selah

Sonoran Cabalaro Spuria N

Sooner Serenade Buy Sooner Serenade Iris

Sopra il Vulcano Buy Sopra il Vulcano Iris

Sordid Lives


Sotto Voce Buy Sotto Voce Iris

Space Cadet (IB)

Spanish Coins Buy Spanish Coins Iris or View Description of Spanish Coins

Spanish FireballPurchase Spanish Fireball Iris

Spanish Leather

Spartan Buy Spartan Iris

Special Blend

Spectacular BidBuy Spectacular Bid Iris

Speeding Again  Buy Speeding Again Iris


Spice Tiger

Spiced Cider

Spiced CustardBuy Spiced Custard Iris

Spicy Rascal

Spin DoctorPurchase spin doctor Iris


Spinning Song Siberian Iris

Spirit WorldBuy Iris Spirit World Iris

Spouting Horn

Spring Kisis

Sprinkles & Splatters


Squid Squirt

Sri Lanka

St. Patrick's Gold (spuria) N

Stairway to Heaven irisBuy Stairway to Heaven Iris from Iriswarehouse

Star in the Night irisBuy Star in the Night Iris or view description

Starlion SIB N

Starwoman irisBuy Starwoman Iris


Starcrest Buy Starcrest Iris

StardockStardock Iris

Stardust MemoriesBuy Stardust Memories Iris


Starlight Sonata Starlight Sonata Iris


Starry Eyed (SDB)Buy Starry Eyed Iris

Starship Enterprise


Starwoman Buy Starwoman Iris

Status Seeker

Stellar LightsStellar Lights iris online from iriswarehouse

Stephen Wilcox SIB (N)

Stepping Out (1964) Stepping Out Iris

Stockholm (SDB)

Stop Flirting

Stop Sign

Storm CenterStorm Center ris

Storm Track

Storybook (N)

Strange Brew 

Strut Your Stuff

Struttin Spuria Iris

StunningStunning Iris for Sale at Iriswarehouse


Sue's a JewelBuy Sue's a Jewel Iris

Sugar Coated 

Sugar MagnoliiaSugar Magnolia Iris for sale at Iriswarehouse

SukySuky Iris 4 sale at Iriswarehouse

Sultan's Honey

Sultry MoodBuy Sultry Mood Iris

Summer Fruit Iris Buy Summer Fruit Iris

Summer MagicBuy Summer Magic Iris

Summer OlympicsBuy Summer Olympics Iris

Summer Sky Siberian Iris (N)

Summer Tsunami Iris

Sun Doll (SDB)

Sun King Buy Iris Sun King Iris

Sunset Blaze (N)

Sunshine Boy (IB)

Sunrise in Senora spuria

Sunset Sky Iris Sunset Sky Iris

Sunshine SallySunshine Sally Iris

Super Dancer

SuperstitionBuy Superstition Iris


Sushi Species X Sushi Iris

SuspicionSuspicion Iris for sale online

Swan Ballet (N)

Swans in Flight SIB (N)

Swazi Princess Buy Swazi Princess Iris or Read Iris description

Sweet Emotions

Sweet Mei

Sweet MusetteBuy Sweet Musette Iris

Sweet Surrender SIB (N)

Sweeter Still (N)

Sweeter Than Wine

Swerti (N)

Swingtown Buy tall bearded iris Swingtown Iris

Sylvan Smiling

Sylvia's Love SIB (N)

Symphony of Light

Syncopation Buy Syncopation Iris

Take Five

Tall Ships

Tangerine Dreams

Tango Music N

Tantrum NTantrum Iris

Tanzanian Tangerine Tanzanian Tangerine Iris

Tara's Choice


Tempting FateBuy Tempting Fate Iris

Tennessee GentlemanBuy Tall Bearded Iris Tennessee Gentleman

Tennessee VolBuy Tennessee Vol Iris

Tennessee Woman

Tennison RidgeBuy Tennison Ridge Tall bearded Iris

Thai Orange

Thais (N) 

That's All Folks Buy That's All Folks Iris

The Red Douglas (N) (1934)

Theda Clark (IB)

This and ThatBuy This and That Iris

ThornbirdPurchase Thornbird Tall Bearded Iris

Three Seasons

ThrillerBuy Thriller Tall bearded iris

Thunder Mountain  

Tic Tac Toe Buy iris Tic Tac Toe Iris

Tide's In

Timeless Moment Buy Timeless Moment Iris

TimescapePurchase Timescape Iris

Titan's GloryBuy Titan's Glory Iris

To the Point Buy To the Point Iris

Tokyo BluesBuy Tokyo Blues Iris

Tom JohnsonBuy Tom Johnson Iris

Tomorrow's Child Buy Tomorrow's Child Iris

Toot Your Horn

Top Gun NTop Gun Iris

Top Flight


 Total ChaosTotal Chaos Iris  

Total Darkness N

Total RecallPurchase Total Recall Iris

Toucan Tango

Trade Secret

TrajectoryTrajectory Iris

Tree of Songs siberian N

Trial By Fire

TribbleBuy Tribble Iris


Triffid Buy Triffid Iris


Triple Dragon

Trip to Paris siberian N


Tropical Fruit Tropical Fruit Iris

Tumalo Sunset 

Tulare  (BB Limited quantities)Buy Tulare Iris

Tuscan Summer Iris

Tut's Gold N


Twice Thrilling (N)

Twilight BlazePurchase Twilight Blaze

Twist of Fate


Two Sided Coin Buy Two Sided Coin Iris

Two Thumbs Up


Unbuttoned Zipper N

Uncharted Waters

Undercurrent (N)

Union PacificPurchase Union Pacific Iris

Unstable Gene

Up Tempo Buy Up Tempo Iris




Vamp (IB)

VanityBuy Vanity Iris

Vanity's Child


Vatican FlagBuy Vatican Flag Iris

Velvet Intrigue

Velvet Skirts

Velvet Underground

Very Varied

Vibrant Buy Vibrant Iris

VibrationsVibrations Iris

Victoria Falls irisVictoria Falls Iris

Vienna Waltz Buy Vienna Waltz Iris

Vigilante Buy Iris Vigilante Iris

Village GossipBuy Village Gossip Iris

Vintage Year siberian (N)

Viola (IB)

Violet Classic Buy Violet Classic Iris

Violet ReturnsBuy Violet Returns Iris

Violet TurnerBuy Violet Turner Iris

Viper Buy Viper Iris

Virginia LyleBuy Virginia Lyle Iris

Visiting Royalty

Visual ArtsBuy Visual Arts from Iriswarehouse

Visual Intrigue

Vivid Look

VoltageBuy Voltage Iris

Voltigeur (N)

Wabash Buy tall bearded Wabash Iris

Walking On Air

Waltzing PriincessBuy Waltzing Princess Iris

War ChiefPurchase War Chief Iris from Iriswarehouse

Warrior King

Waterfall Mist

Way Out West

Wedding CandlesWedding Candles

Weekend Update

Weiss Guy  Buy Weiss Guy Iris

Well Endowed

WenchBuy Wench Iris

Westland Star N

When You Wish When You Wish Iris

 White Autumn King (GG)

White Swirl siberian White Swirl Siberian Iris

WhisperingPurchase Whispering Iris from Iriswarehouse

Whispering Spirits


White Canary

Who's On First Siberian Iris  Purchase Who's on First Siberian Iris

Wide Blue Sea

Wild Card Buy Wild Card Iris from Iriswarehouse

Wild jasmine

Wild Rice

Wild Thing

Willow Ware (IB)

Wine and Roses

Wine Spritzer Iris 

Wing CommanderBuy Wing Commander Iris

Winner's Circle Buy Winner's Circle Iris

Winning Ticket


Winter Olympics 

Wish Upon a Star

Wishful Thinking Buy Iris Wishful Thinking Iris

Witch of Endor (N)

Witch's WandWitches Wand Iris

Wooly Bully Siberian Buy Wooly Bully (Versata) Siberian


Yaquina Blue Iris Buy Iris Yaquina Blue Iris

Yellowtail Siberian IrisYellowtail Siberian Iris


Yo Yo (SDB)Yo Yo Iris purchase or view description

Your Highness

Yves Lassailly (1928)  Buy Yves Lassailly Iris  N



Zero (N)