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WE PROVIDE 2 DAYLILY FANS for each 1 plant ordered.

Plants arrive cleaned and bare root and ready to plant in your garden! An instruction guide for planting and care of your daylily is included in your shipment.  Shipment for daylilies begin approx. the 3rd or 4th week in May per our weather conditions.



The more iris and/or daylilies you purchase, the more "bonus iris, daylilies or lilies" you receive!  For example see the following:

1).  Every order up to $50.00 receives one (1) bonus iris/daylily/lily of our choosing

2).  Orders of $50.00 to $100.00 receive two (2) bonus iris/daylily/lily of our choosing

3).  Orders of $100.oo to $150.00 receive three (3) bonus iris/daylily/lily of our choosing.

The more you order, the more iris and daylilies and lilies we provide for you!)

If you order is more daylilies, you will receive your bonus in daylilies.  If it is more iris, your bonus will be in iris, if it is more lily bulbs, bonus will be in lily bulbs!

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