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iRIS List Complete List A-M

2019 Plants may NOW BE ORDERED!  Iris plants will be delivered from the last week of June -September 14th  2019. If you wish a specific delivery date after Mid-July, email us at:  We continue to walk our fields and add to our stock, so check back often! Thank you for your patience as we load new variety photos and inventory numbers!  We update inventory late in fall/early December, about Jan. 27,  Feb. 15, March 20, April 14, about May 1, June 9, and in October. 

Siberians will be delivered in fall, 2019 unless you specifically request a spring delivery via Email or in the gift comment section.

SHOP EARLY as many varieties will sell out early! WE ARE NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR 2019!  Some varieties are limited, so shopping early allows you a larger selection!  Plants are tagged for you as soon as your order is processed.    We are continuing to add our 2019 stock & photos to our website, so check back or send us an Email & ask if you do not see the iris you are hunting for!  We are updating our inventory as fast as we can.  Also, please consider purchasing a gift card for yourself or that special someone!


  • Highlighted plants in yellow are readily available for purchase on our website. (simply click on the link to the right of the name to order)
  • Highlighted plants in pink are readily available for purchase on our website and are pending photo uploads. (You may also click on the product link to the right of the name to order).  Many of our purchasers are familiar with the names and do not need to see a photo.  However, we are loading these as quickly as we can.  In the meantime, feel free to reserve them at our "discounted" iris without photo prices!
  • Non-highlighted plants are in our fields, are in our nursery, hybridizing program or are special order plants that may be limited in stock or not in our cycle to sell this year. (Please send us an Email at:  contact for a price quote and to assure availability in the quantity you desire!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  •  "N" means the iris plants are in our nursery, hybridizing program, or private gardens for display and are not now available for sale. Please feel free to ask us when these might become available.
  • Please check back often as we will continue to add stock and photos!  Updated 10/10/2018

Iris  (A - M alphabetical)

  1. Aardvark Lark Iris N
  2. About Town Iris
  3. Absolute Treasure Iris
  4. Acapella siberian iris N
  5. Accent iris (1952) N Accent Iris
  6. Access Code IrisAccess Code Iris
  7. Acoma IrisAcoma Iris
  8. Add it Up Iris Add It Up Iris
  9. Adoree N
  10. Adriatic Blue Spuria N
  11. Affluence Buy Affluence Iris
  12. Afternoon DelightBuy Afternoon Delight Iris
  13. Afternoon in Rio Buy Afternoon in Rio Iris
  14. Again & Again Again and Again Iris
  15. Agatha Christie  Buy Iris Agatha Christie Iris
  16. Agressively Forward  Buy Agressively Forward Iris
  17. Albo Variegata Iris Buy Albo Variegated Iris
  18. Alcazar Iris Buy Alcazar Iris
  19. Alice GoodmanBuy Alice Goodman Iris
  20. Alien Mist N
  21. Ali'I siberian N
  22. AlizesPurchase online alizes iris
  23. All Night Long N
  24. All That Jazz Buy All That Jazz iris
  25. Alladin's Flame (SDB)
  26. Allah  (N) (IB) (1956)
  27. Ally Oops Siberian Ally Oops Iris
  28. Almost Blue
  29. Almost HeavenBuy Almost Heaven Iris
  30. Alone At LastBuy Alone at Last Iris
  31. Alright Already (arilbred)
  32. Ama No Hane SiberianBuy Ama No Hane Siberian iris
  33. Amain
  34. Amas
  35. Amber Beauty N
  36. Amelia's Orchid Iris
  37. America's CupBuy America's Cup Iris
  38. American Sweetheart (!983) (N)
  39. Amigo (1934) NAmigo Iris Buy Amigo Iris
  40. Amorous DuetBuy Amorous Duet Iris
  41. AmplifiedBuy Amplified Iris
  42. Amythest Flare Iris
  43. Anaconda Love  Buy Iris Anaconda Love Iris
  44. Angelic Wings Iris
  45. Animated Buy Animated Iris
  46. Anna's AngelBuy Anna's Angels iris
  47. Anne GaddieBuy Anne Gaddie Iris
  48. Another Pretty Face SIB (N)
  49. Announcementannouncement iris
  50. Another Pretty Face siberian N
  51. Anvil of Darkness Buy Anvil of Darkness Iris
  52. Apache WarriorBuy Apache Warrior Iris
  53. Appollo One
  54. ApollodorousBuy Apollodorus Iris
  55. Apparent Secret  Buy Apparent Secret Iris
  56. Apricot Ala ModeBuy Iris Apricot Ala Mode Iris
  57. Apricot Cordial
  58. Apricot SilkApricot Silk Iris
  59. April JewelApril Jewel Iris to purchase or view
  60. Aqua Taj Buy Aqua Taj Iris
  61. Arbitrator Spuria Iris N
  62. Arctic Blue Spuria Iris N
  63. Arctic WindBuy Arctic Wind Iris
  64. Ardith Ann JI (N)
  65. Aristocracy Aristocracy Iris
  66. Armageddon Buy Iris Armageddon Iris
  67. Arms Wide Open Iris
  68. Art Deco art deco iris
  69. Artist Times Two N
  70. Artistic Touch N
  71. Artistic Web N
  72. As You Were (N)
  73. Ask Alma (IB)  Buy Ask Alma Iris
  74. Ascent of Angels Buy Ascent of Angels Iris
  75. Astro iris
  76. Attention Please
  77. Aurora's BlushBuy Aurora's Blush Iris
  78. Autumn Circus Purchase Autumn Circus Iris
  79. Autumn Thunder Autumn Thunder Iris
  80. Autumn TrystBuy Autumn Tryst Iris
  81. Autumn Wine Iris
  82. Avalon SunsetBuy Avalon Sunset Iris
  83. Avanelle(IB)Buy Avanelle Iris
  84. Awesome Alex Awesome Alex Iris
  85. Aztec TreasureBuy Aztec treasure Iris
  86. Baby Blessed (SDB)Buy Baby Blessed Iris or view description
  87. Baby Blue MarineBuy Iris Baby Blue Marine Iris
  88. Baby's Bum (N)
  89. Bachelor Party
  90. Back in Black IrisBuy Back in Black Iris
  91. Backlit Beauty IrisBacklit Beauty Iris
  92. Back Roads Buy Back Roads Iris
  93. Backwater BluesBuy Backwater Blues Iris
  94. Bald Eagle 
  95. Balderdash Buy Balderdash Iris online
  96. Bali Bali (spuria) N
  97. Ballerina Girl Buy Ballerina Girl Iris
  98. Baltic Star N
  99. Band of Angels SiberianBuy Band of Angels Siberian Iris
  100. Banjo Man N
  101. Barbary Coast N
  102. Barn Dance Iris
  103. Bashful Ballerina N
  104. Basso (IB)Buy Basso Iris or view description
  105. BatikBuy Batik Iris
  106. Batman 
  107. Be Original Be Original Iris
  108. Beauty Becomes Her Iris N
  109. Bedtime Story (IB)
  110. Before the StormBuy Before the Storm Iris
  111. Behind Closed DoorsBuy Behind Closed Doors
  112. Belgian Princess
  113. Believe In Angels siberian N Believe in Angels Siberian Iris
  114. Bellissinado (spuria) N
  115. Beowulf N
  116. Bermuda BeachBermuda Beach iris
  117. Bernice Drizik Bernice Drizik Iris  
  118. Berries & Cream Siberian N
  119. Berry Classic 
  120. Berry Sherbert
  121. Berry Sherry
  122. Best BetBuy Best Bet Iris
  123. Betsey Boo Iris (SDB)  Buy Betsey Boo Iris or view iris description
  124. Beverly SillsBuy Beverly Sills Iris
  125. Bewilderbeast Bewilderbeast Iris
  126. Beyond The BlueBeyond the Blue Iris
  127. Big Bang Theory
  128. Bittersweet JoyBuy Bittersweet Joy Iris
  129. Black as NightBuy Black as Night Iris
  130. Black Hills Gold Iris
  131. Black Magic Woman
  132. Black Suited IrisBlack Suited Iris
  133. Black Tie Affair Iris
  134. Black Tornado IrisBlack Tornado Iris
  135. Black Ruby N
  136. Blackbeard (IB)Buy Blackbeard Iris
  137. BlatantBuy Blatant Iris
  138. Blue Chip StockBuy Blue Chip Stock Iris
  139. Blue CrusaderBuy Blue Crusader Iris
  140. Blue Eyed Blond (IB)Buy Blue Eyed Blond
  141. Blue Hill (1931) (GG)
  142. Blue Persuasion
  143. Blue Pools SDB (1972) (GG)
  144. Blue Skirt WaltzBuy Iris Blue Skirt Waltz Iris
  145. Blue Stuccato Blue Staccato Iris
  146. Blue Suede ShoesBuy Blue Suede Shoes Iris
  147. Blue Trill 
  148. Blueberry Fair siberanBuy Blueberry Fair Siberian iris
  149. Blueberry Bliss Irisbuy Blueberry bliss iris
  150. Blueberry Ice Blueberry Ice Iris
  151. Bold PrintBuy Bold Print
  152. Bold Look
  153. Bold Move N
  154. Bolder BolderBolder Boulder Iris
  155. Bonus LiteBonus Lite Iris
  156. Boogie Woogie Buy Iris Boogie Woogie
  157. Born to Shine (N)
  158. Bottle Rocket N
  159. Bountiful HarvestBuy Bountiful Harvest Iris
  160. Boxwink's Lemon TreeBoxwink's Lemon Tree Iris
  161. Boy Friend Boyfriend Iris
  162. Boysenberry ButtercupBoysenberry Buttercup Iris
  163. BraggadocioBuy Braggadocio Iris
  164. Brandy Buy Iris Brandy Iris
  165. BrazenberryBuy brazenberry iris
  166. Brazilian HolidayBrazilian Holiday Iris
  167. BreakersBuy Breakers Iris
  168. Breaking Point
  169. Brickle Buy Brickle Iris Buy Brickle Iris
  170. Bride N
  171. Bride's Halo
  172. Bright N Breezy Buy Bright 'N Breezy Iris
  173. Brilliant Idea N
  174. Brilliant Disguise N
  175. Brindled Beauty Buy Brindled Beauty Iris
  176. Broad Shoulders
  177. Broadband Iris
  178. Brother Carl
  179. Brown Lasso N
  180. Brown Turban N
  181. BrusselsBuy Brussels Iris
  182. Bryce Canyon (N) (1944)
  183. Bubble Bubble
  184. Bubbling Waves Buy Iris Bubbling Waves Iris
  185. Bugles & HornsPurchase Bugles and Horns
  186. Bumblebee Delight IrisBumblebee Delight Iris
  187. Bundle of Joy N
  188. Bundle of Love Buy Iris Bundle of Love
  189. Burnt Toffee Iris  Burnt Toffee Iris
  190. Butter on Ice Butter on Ice Iris
  191. Butter and Sugar siberian
  192. Butterfinger
  193. Butterflies in Flight  siberian N
  194. By DesignBy Design Iris
  195. Cabaret RoyaleBuy Cabaret Royale Iris
  196. Cable CarBuy Cable Car Iris
  197. Cabot Cove
  198. Cache of GoldIris Cache of Gold Iris
  199. Caesar's Brother Caesars Brother Iris
  200. Cajun Rhythm Buy Iris Cajun Rhythm Iris
  201. California Pink N
  202. Call Me Reba Iris Call Me Reba Iris
  203. Camera Ready N
  204. Can Can Dance N
  205. Can Can Red (1978) (N)
  206. Canary Feathers
  207. Candy AppleBuy Candy Apple Iris
  208. CantinaBuy Cantina Iris
  209. Capital City JazzBuy Capital City Jazz iris
  210. Capri Iris N
  211. Caprice (1898)   Caprice Iris Cascadian Rhythm Iris
  212. Captain CrunchBuy Captain Crunch Iris
  213. Captivating Buy Captivating Iris
  214.  CarnabyCarnaby Iris
  215. Carnival in Rio Buy Carnival In Rio Iris
  216. Carnival of Color
  217. Carnival Ride
  218. Carnival Song Buy Carnival Song Iris
  219. Carolina Gold (1933) Buy Carolina Gold Iris
  220. Carved Pink  Buy Carved Pink Iris
  221. Cascadian Rhythm Cascadian Rhythm Iris
  222. Cat's Eye
  223. Casino Cruiser (N)
  224. Cat's Meow Iris (IB)Cat's Meow Iris to Purchase or view description
  225. Ceasar's Brother Buy Caesar's Brother Siberian Iris
  226. Cee CeeBuy Cee Cee Iris
  227. Celebrate Iris
  228. Celebration Iris
  229. Celebration SongBuy Celebration Song Iris
  230. Celestial Expression
  231. Celia's Purple Band Iris
  232. Celtic GloryBuy Celtic Glory Iris or View Description
  233. Celtic Skies
  234. Chalk Mark (SDB)Chalk Mark iris to purchase or view
  235. Champagne EleganceChampagne Elegance Iris
  236. Champagne Encore
  237. Change of Pace IrisBuy Change of Pace Iris
  238. Changing Winds
  239. ChantedBuy Chanted Iris
  240. Chapeau
  241. ChargerBuy Charger Iris
  242. CharismaBuy tall bearded iris Charisma Iris
  243. Charmed
  244. Charming Billy siberian (N)
  245. Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows Iris
  246. Checkmate Iris (N)
  247. Cheerful Doll
  248. Chenedolle (1872) (N) (MTB)
  249. Cherry Lyn siberian
  250. CherishedBuy Cherished Iris
  251. Cherry Blossom SongBuy Cherry Blossom Song Iris
  252. Cherry Falls (1949) (N)
  253. Cherry GardenView Cherry Garden Iris description
  254. Cherry TartBuy Cherry Tart Iris
  255. Cherub's SmileBuy Cherub's Smile Iris
  256. Chickee Buy Chickee Iris
  257. Chief John Jolly
  258. China Spring siberian NChina Spring Siberian Iris
  259. China Mauve siberian N
  260. China Moon China Moon Iris Buy China Moon Iris
  261. China Rose Bauble siberian N
  262. Christmas Time IrisChristmas TIme Iris
  263. Christa N
  264. Churchill DownsBuy Churchill Downs Iris
  265. Cinderella's Coach
  266. Cinnamon Stick spuria N
  267. Cinnamon Sugar siberian N
  268. Circus Stripes Buy tall bearded iris Circus Stripes Iris
  269. City Lights City Lights Iris
  270. ClarenceBuy Clarence Iris
  271. Classic BordeauxBuy Classic Bordeaux Iris
  272. Classic Look Buy Classic Look Iris
  273. Classified (spuria) N
  274. Classy Chassy
  275. Clearfire
  276. Clothed in GloryBuy Iris Clothed in Glory Iris
  277. Cloud Ballet Cloud Ballet Iris
  278. Cloud Kingdom
  279. Cloudcaps on Galilee N
  280. Clown AroundBuy Clown Around Iris
  281. Coal Seams Coal Seams Iris
  282. Coastal MistPurchase Coastal Mist Iris
  283. Cobra's EyeBuy Cobra's Eye Iris
  284. Code of Honor Iris (N)
  285. Codicil Buy Iris Codicil Iris
  286. CollageBuy Collage Iris
  287. Color Splash Siberian Iris N
  288. Color Strokes Color Strokes Iris
  289. Columbia BlueBuy Columbia Blue Iris
  290. Comangetit Iris (N)
  291. Commanding Presensence Iris (N) 
  292. ConcertinaBuy Concertina Iris
  293. Concord Crush N
  294. Confetti N (1948)
  295. Conjuration
  296. Constant Companion Constant Companion Iris
  297. ConsummationBuy Consummation Iris
  298. Cool Confidence (N)
  299. Cool Kate (N)Cool Kate Iris
  300. Coral BeadsBuy Coronation Anthem Siberian Iris
  301. Coral Chalice Buy Coral Chalice Iris
  302. Coral Charmer N
  303. Coral Point N
  304. Coral SatinBuy Coral Satin Iris
  305. Coral Sunset
  306. Coronation (N)
  307. Coronation Anthem SiberianBuy Coronation Anthem Siberian Iris
  308. Cornhusker
  309. Cosmic Dawn Iris N
  310. Cote D'orBuy Cote d'or iris
  311. Cottage Maid (GG) 1906
  312. County Cork Buy County Cork Iris
  313. CowabungaBuy Cowabunga Iris
  314. Cozy CalicoCozy Calico Iris to Buy or View description
  315. Crafted Buy Crafted Iris
  316. Cranberry Crush
  317. Cranberry Ice
  318. Cranberry Sauce
  319. Crimson Pixie Iris N
  320. Crimson SnowBuy Crimson Snow Iris
  321. CrinolineBuy Crinoline Iris
  322. Crowned Heads Crowned Heads Iris
  323. Cruzin
  324. Crystal GlittersCrystal Glitters Iris
  325. Crystal Wings Crystal Wings Iris
  326. Cupids Arrow IrisCupids Arrow Iris  
  327. Currier Siberian  Buy Currier Siberian Iris
  328. Currier's Dream SIB N
  329. Curvy Course N
  330. Cuss A 'Blue Streak Purchase Cuss a Blue Streak Iris or read description
  331. Dakota Moon
  332. Damozel (1922) Damozel Iris
  333. Dance all Night siberian N
  334. Dance and Sing siberian NDance and Sing Siberian
  335. Dance AwayDance Away Iris
  336. Dance Party siberian N
  337. Dance Man
  338. Dancing in Ruffles N
  339. Dangerous MoodBuy Dangerous Mood iris
  340. Darcy's Choice Darcys Choice Iris
  341. Dark Passion N
  342. Dark Vader Buy Dark Vader iris
  343. DarksideOrder or View Description of Darkside Iris
  344. Dash Away (SDB)Dash Away Iris to buy or view description
  345. Dash Mark
  346. Dawn of Change IrisDawn of Change Iris
  347. Dauntless N (1929)
  348. Day Dreaming Purchase Day Dreaming Iris
  349. Dazzling Iris (N)
  350. Decadence Decadence Iris
  351. DeckerPurchase Decker Iris
  352. Deep Dark Secret Buy Iris: Deep Dark Secret Iris
  353. Degas Dancer
  354. Delayed DevelopmentBuy Delayed Development Iris
  355. Demi-Deuil  N
  356. Designer GownBuy Designer Gown Iris
  357. Designing Woman Buy or Review Description of Designing Woman Iris
  358. Devil's Lake Buy Tall bearded iris Devil's Lake
  359. Devil's PlaygroundBuy Devil's Playground or read description
  360. Devil's Riot Buy tall bearded iris Devil's Riot Iris
  361. Devonshire CreamBuy Devonshire Cream Iris
  362. DiaboliqueBuy Diabolique or view description
  363. Dialect
  364. Diamond Blush
  365. Dilly Green N
  366. Direct Flight  Direct flight iris Direct flight iris
  367. Disco Eclipse
  368. Discovered TreasurePurchase Discovered Treasure Iris
  369. Distant Fire Buy Distant Fire Iris
  370. Distant RoadsBuy Distant Roads Iris
  371. Dividing lineBuy Dividing Line Iris or view Dividing Line Iris
  372. Divine Buy iris Divine Iris
  373. Do The Math Species X IrisDo The Math Species X Iris  
  374. Doctor Dark
  375. Dogrose (1934) N
  376. DolceBuy Dolce Iris
  377. Doll RibbonsBuy Doll Ribbons Iris
  378. Dorothy Davis Iris (N)
  379. Dot Com
  380. Double AgentBuy Double Agent Iris
  381. Double Platinum
  382. Double Scoop
  383. Double Trouble Double Trouble Iris buy Double Trouble
  384. Double Your Fun
  385. Down Below Iris
  386. Dream IndigoBuy Dream Indigo Iris
  387. Dream Loud
  388. Dream Lover N
  389. Dream Team
  390. Dreaming of Rio
  391. Dreaming of You siberian (N)
  392. Dreaming Star Buy Dreaming Star Iris
  393. Dreamsicle
  394. DreamwalkerBuy Dreamwalker Iris
  395. Dressed to Kill
  396. Drew a Royal Flush
  397. Drinking at Sunset (N)
  398. DundeeDundee Iris buy Dundee Iris
  399. Dusky ChallengerBuy Dusky Challenger Iris
  400. Eagle ControlBuy Eagle Control Iris
  401. Eagle's Flight
  402. Earl of EssexBuy or Read Desciption of Earl of Essex Iris
  403. Earthborn
  404. Easter Bonnet (N)
  405. Eastertime
  406. Echo de France
  407. Echo Location
  408. Ecstatic Echo
  409. Edge of Winter
  410. Edith WolfordBuy Edith Wolford Iris
  411. Eggnog
  412. Eight Bells
  413. El Dorado (1910) N
  414. ElainealopeBuy Elainealope Iris
  415. Electric Avenue
  416. Electric ShockBuy Electric Shock Iris
  417. Electrifying Buy Iris Electrifying Iris
  418. Eleanor Roosevelt N (1938)
  419. Elfin ShadowsBuy Elfin Shadows Iris
  420. Elizabeth Morrison
  421. Elizabeth Poldark
  422. Elizabethan Age
  423. Embracable You
  424. Emerald Sunrise N
  425. Emphasis
  426. Enchanted WorldBuy Enchanted World Iris
  427. Enchanting
  428. Encore Performance SIB 
  429. End Zone
  430. Ensemble
  431. Entangled
  432. Entorage
  433. EpicenterEpicenter Iris
  434. Eros (1934) N
  435. Erotic touch
  436. Eternal BlissBuy Eternal Bliss Iris
  437. Eurythmic
  438. Evening Tidings
  439. Ever After
  440. Everything Plus
  441. Evolution N
  442. Ewe'll Dew
  443. Exclusivity Buy Iris Exclusivity Iris
  444. Expose
  445. Extravagant
  446. Eye of Sauron
  447. Fairy Dawn Siberian IrisFairy Dawn Siberian Iris
  448. Falcon's PrideFalcon Pride Iris
  449. Fall Fiesta Buy Fall Fiesta Iris
  450. Fancy Flutter N
  451. Fancy Me This SiberianFancy Me This Siberian Iris  
  452. Fancy Woman Buy Fancy Woman Iris
  453. FanferonBuy Fanfaron Iris
  454. Fantastic Blue (IB)Purchase Fantastic Blue Iris
  455. Fatal Attraction
  456. Fathom
  457. Feature Attraction
  458. Feminine Fire
  459. Fiery Chariot
  460. Fiery FigureBuy Iris Fiery Figure Iris
  461. Fiery Temper
  462. Fiesta Flirt
  463. Fiesta TimeBuy Fiesta Time Iris
  464. Fifty is Nifty
  465. Fine Wine
  466. FirebreatherBuy Firebreather Iris
  467. Firebug
  468. Fisherman's Delight Siberian Iris N
  469. Fisherman's Morning Siberian Iris
  470. Fisherman's Twlight Siberian Iris
  471. First InterstateBuy First Interstate Iris
  472. First Lady HopeBuy First Lady Hope Iris
  473. Five O'Clock World
  474. Flaming Victory Buy tall bearded iris Flaming Victory Iris
  475. Fleece as White
  476. Flight of Butterflies Siberian Iris Buy Flight of Butterflies Siberian Iris
  477. Flight(s) of Fancy Buy Iris Flights of Fancy Iris
  478. Florentine SilkBuy Florentine Silk Iris
  479. Flounced Premiere N (1960)
  480. Flower ShowerBuy Flower Shower Iris
  481. Fogbound Buy Fogbound Iris
  482. Folksy Fun
  483. Forbidden
  484. Forbidden Fruit
  485. Forest McCord SiberianBuy Forrest McCord Siberian Iris
  486. Forever Blue Forever Blue Iris
  487. Forever Remembered Siberian Iris  Forever Remembered
  488. Forgiven
  489. Fortunate Son Buy Fortunate Son Iris
  490. Fourward Thinking
  491. Freedom SongBuy Freedom Song Iris
  492. French Can Can
  493. French Horn Buy French Horn Tall Bearded Iris
  494. French Rose N
  495. Fresh As Paint N (1971)
  496. Fresno Flash
  497. Fret NFret Iris
  498. Frimousse
  499. Fringe Benefits
  500. Frisky Frolic N
  501. Frontier Ladyfrontier lady iris
  502. Frost and Flame N
  503. Frost Echo  Purchase Frost Echo Iris
  504. Frosted Rose
  505. Fruit Sherbet
  506. Fruitsation
  507. Full Tide Buy Full Tide Iris
  508. Funny Girl
  509. Fuzzy Wuzzy Rocket
  510. Galadriel
  511. Garnet JewelryBuy Garnet Jewelry Iris
  512. Gay Paree Buy Gay Paree Iris
  513. Gay Parasol
  514. Geisha Obi Japanese Iris N
  515. Gentle DragonGentle Dragon Iris
  516. Gentle On My Mind
  517. Gibson Girl Buy Gibson Girl iris
  518. Gift of Dreams
  519. Gigolo
  520. Ginger Twist Siberian Iris
  521. Gingerbread Castle N (1967)
  522. Gingerbread Man(SDB)Buy Gingerbread Man Iris
  523. Girl Next Door
  524. Gladys Austin N (1985)
  525. Gladys My Love
  526. Glamour Cat
  527. Glazed Gold
  528. Glitz 'N Glitter
  529. Glitter RepinkGlitter Repink Iris
  530. Glo-Ray Hallelujah
  531. Glory of DawnBuy Glory of Dawn Iris
  532. Glowing Smile
  533. Glowingly
  534. GnuBuy Gnu iris
  535. Gnus Blues
  536. Gnus Flash
  537. God's Handiwork
  538. Going My Way
  539. Gold Country
  540. Gold Galore  Buy Gold Galore Iris
  541. Gold Trimmings Buy Iris: Gold Trimmings Iris
  542. Golden Majesty (limited) Golden majesty iris
  543. Golden Panther
  544. Golden Wedding Lace
  545. Goldkist Iris Goldkist Iris
  546. Good LookingBuy Good Looking Iris
  547. Good ShowBuy Good Show Iris
  548. Good Thing Buy Good Thing Iris
  549. Good Vibrations
  550. Goodbye GirlBuy Goodbye Girl Iris
  551. Goodbye Heart
  552. Gracchus IrisGracchus Iris
  553. Grand Waltz
  554. Graceful Ghost Species X Iris
  555. Grape Expectations
  556. Great GatsbyBuy Iris Great Gatsby Iris
  557. Grecian Gown
  558. Grecian SkiesBuy Grecian Skies Iris
  559. Green ProphecyGreen Prophecy Iris
  560. Greta
  561. Grey Prince Siberian (N)
  562. Greywoods Etcha Sketch
  563. Guatemala Buy Guatemela Iris
  564. Guest of HonorBuy Guest of Honor Iris
  565. Gypsy Bride
  566. Gypsy Lord
  567. Gypsy RomanceBuy Gypsy Romance Iris at Iriswarehouse!
  568. Gypsy Wings
  569. Gyro Buy Iris Gyro Iris
  570. Habit Buy Habit Iris
  571. High Flying Flamingo
  572. Halloween Halo Halloween Halo Iris
  573. Halloween MoonBuy Halloween Moon Iris
  574. Hand Painted
  575. Handiwork
  576. Hands Up
  577. Happy Harry
  578. Happy New YearHappy New Year Iris to purchase or view description
  579. Harlow GoldBuy Iris Harlow Gold Iris
  580. Harmonic Elegance
  581. Harvest of MemoriesBuy Harvest of Memories at iriswarehouse!
  582. Hat Trick IIB)
  583. Haunted House
  584. Haut Les Voiles Buy Iris Haut Les Voiles Iris
  585. Haute Couture
  586. Heather Blush
  587. Helen LeaderBuy Helen Leader Iris
  588. Hello Darkness Buy Hello Darkness Iris
  589. Hers (IB)Hers Iris to purchase or view description
  590. Her Royal Highness
  591. High Point
  592. High ProfileBuy High Profile Iris
  593. High Spirited Buy High Spirited Iris
  594. High StakesBuy High Stakes iris
  595. Hilow Buy Hilow Iris
  596. Hindenburg N 
  597. Hombre
  598. Homecoming QueenHomecoming Queen Iris
  599. Honey Chile N (1940)
  600. Honeycomb
  601. Honey Scoop
  602. Honk Your Horn
  603. Honky Tonk Blues
  604. Hooked Again SIB
  605. Hoosier Pride
  606. Horned Tangerine N (1959)
  607. Hot Fudge IB
  608. Hot Gossip
  609. Hot Sauce
  610. Hot Sketch Siberian IrisHot Sketch Siberian Iris
  611. Hot Spiced WineHot Spiced Wine Iris
  612. Hot to Trot N
  613. Huckleberry Fudge N
  614. Humors Of Whiskey SIBHumors of Whiskey
  615. I do (N) I Do Iris
  616. I Feel Lucky N
  617. I. Koehii N
  618. Ida Red Iris N (1978)
  619. Imbroglio IrisImbroglio Iris
  620. Imperial Opal siberian IrisImperial Opal Siberian Iris
  621. Impressionist IrisImpressionist Iris
  622. Immortality Immortality Iris
  623. In Love Again  In Love Again Iris
  624. Indian Chief Jazzed Up Iris
  625. Indian Pow Wow Iris (1971) N
  626. Innocent Star IrisInnocent Star iris
  627. Jack's Pick IrisJack's Pick Iris
  628. Jaime Lynn IrisJaime Lynn Iris
  629. Jane Eyre Iris N
  630.  Jennifer Rebecca Iris Jennifer Rebecca Iris
  631. Jerry Murphy siberian iris Jerry Murphy Siberian Iris
  632. Jolly Young Man siberian N
  633. Joyance (1929) N
  634. Joyce Terry iris Joyce Terry Iris
  635. Joyfulness Iris
  636. Jump Start IrisJump Start Iris
  637. Jungle Fires Iris  (1960) N
  638. Jurassic Park IrisJurassic Park Iris
  639. Kaboom siberian irisKaboom Siberian Iris
  640. Kilauea siberian iris
  641. Kikapoo Kangaroo
  642. Knotty Pine (1961)
  643. Lace Artistry
  644. Lace Jabot
  645. Laced Cotton
  646. Lacy Snowflake
  647. Lady Juliet Lady Juliet Iris
  648. Lakeside Ghost Species X IrisLakeside Ghost Species X Iris
  649. Lemon Mousse SiberianLemon Mousse Siberian Iris
  650. Lemon PopLemon Pop Iris
  651. Lent A. Williamson (1918) N
  652. Lenora Pearl Iris Lenora Pearl Iris
  653. Light of Heart siberianLight of Heart Siberian Iris
  654. Lilac StitcheryLilac Stitchery Iris
  655. Little John
  656. Little Paul
  657. Lovely SenioritaLovely Seniorita Iris
  658. LoyalistLoyalist Iris
  659. Lucy Lockett Lucy Lockett Siberian
  660. Magic Bubbles N
  661. Magical EncounterMagical Encounter Iris
  662. Maid of OrangeMaid of Orange Iris  
  663. Many MahalosMany Mahalos Iris
  664. Maui Moonlight N (1986)
  665. Matinee IdolMatinee Idol Iris
  666. Maverick's Game Iris (1996) N
  667. Melon HoneyMelon Honey Iris
  668. Mexicana Iris (1859) N
  669. Mexican HolidayMexican Holiday Iris
  670. Ming
  671. Missouri MistMissouri Mist Iris
  672. Mist on the MoountainMist on the Mountain Iris
  673. Mme. Chobaut
  674. Moby GrapeMoby Grape Iris
  675. Momentus Occasion Momentous Occasion Iris
  676. Money in Your Pocket Money in Your Pocket Iris
  677. Mother Earth Mother Earth Iris
  678. Mrs. Andrist N (1919)
  679. Mrs. Horace Darwin N (1888)
  680. Montmarte
  681. MusicianMusician Iris
  682. My True Love My True Love Iris
  683. Mystic Muse Mystic Muse Iris