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  • Forever Blue Iris

    Forever Blue Iris

    Forever Blue Iris, Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB), Hybridizer, Chapman, Registered 1996, 12" , E & RE. Light blue violet self; beards medium violet blue. Parentage: 'Shy Violet' X seedling (('Velvet Caper' x 'Michael Paul') x 'Sigh'). Multiplies like crazy!
  • Trahlyta Daylily

    Trahlyta Daylily

    Trahlyta Daylily, Daylilywarehouse & Iriswarehouse, Registered, 1982, Hybridizer, Childs; Diploid, Height, 30", Size of Bloom 6.5", Early-Midseason bloom, Rebloomer! Dormant Description: Violet w/ dark purple eye
  • Crowned Heads Iris

    Crowned Heads Iris

    Crowned Heads Iris, tall bearded iris, Keppel, Registered, 1996, 38" , Mid boom season. Reverse ameona, Standards wisteria violet slightly deeper base; style arms light blue; falls light blue shaded deeper in heart, aging silvery blue white; beards blue , goldenrod in throat; slight sweet fragrance. Awards: Honorable Mention 1999; Award of Merit 2001; Wister Medal 2003; Dykes Medal 2004.
  • Aristocracy Iris

    Aristocracy Iris

    Aristocracy Iris, Iriswarehouse, tall bearded iris, Keppel, registered 2005, height 37" (94 cm), Late bloom season. Standards violet, style arms slightly lighter, falls royal purple, hazy bluer area near beard; beards light blue tipped light yellow; ruffled, lightly laced. This is an award winner: Honorable mention, 2008, Award of Merit, 2012. Parentage: 'Rosette Wine' X seedling (Fashionably Late' x 'Nora Eileen').
  • Stairway to Heaven Iris

    Stairway to Heaven Iris

    Stairway to Heaven Iris, Iriswarehouse, Tall bearded iris, (TB), Hybridizer, Larry Lauer, Registered, 1992, height 40" Early to Midseason bloom. Standards creamy off-white; falls medium blue light lavender; beards white; slight fragrance. Parentage: 'Edith Wolford' X 'Breakers'. Awards: Honorable Mention 1995; Award of Merit 1997; Wister Medal 1999; American Dykes Medal 2000
  • Lace Artistry Iris

    Lace Artistry Iris

    Lace Artistry Iris, Iriswarehouse, tall bearded iris, Hybridizer, Terry Aitken, , registered 1988, 31" tall, mid-season bloom, Peach pink; self beard. Parentage: ('Buffy' x 'Windsor Rose') X sib. Lovely, dependable pink bloom.