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  • Decadence Iris

    Decadence Iris

    Decadence Iris, Iriswarehouse, tall bearded iris, Hybrdizer, Blyth, 2010 WISTER MEDAL WINNER,  height 38" (96 cm), Mid bloom season. Standards creamy apricot, faint rose midrib flush; style arms creamy apricot; falls light plum burgundy, 1/4" creamy apricot edge; beards tangerine; heavily ruffled and laced. Honorable Mention 2006, Award of Merit, 2008, Wister Medal 2010 Parentage: 'Temple Of Time' X 'Louisa's Song'

  • Mexican Holiday Iris

    Mexican Holiday Iris

    Mexican Holiday Iris, Iriswarehouse, tall bearded iris, Hybridizer, Schreiner, registered 2004, 38", Early bloom season. Standards yellow, style arms yellow; falls red with yellow rim; beards orange, Parentage: ('Firewater' x 'Condottiere') x 'Grecian Skies') X 'Glorious Morning'.
  • Supreme Sultan Iris

    Supreme Sultan Iris

    Supreme Sultan Iris, Iriswarehouse, tall bearded iris, Hybridizer, Schreiner, Registered, 1987, 40" . Midseason late bloom. Standards indian yellow; Falls chrysanthemum crimson ; indian yellow beard; ruffled and laced. Awards; 'HM '90, AM '92. YOU WILL LOVE THESE HUGE FLOWERS (approx. 7 1/2" large) Parentage: Gallant Moment' X 'Peking Summer
  • Color Strokes Iris

    Color Strokes Iris

    Color Strokes Iris, Iriswarehouse, NEW 2012 tall bearded IRIS! Hybridizer, Schreiner, 39" early midseason bloom. Standards white with falls white with red magenta rim and veining, yellow markings on shoulders; beards gold. Striking must have iris!

  • Viper Iris

    Viper Iris

    Viper Iris, Iriswarehouse, Intermediate bearded iris, space age iris, Sutton, Height 24" Early midseason bloom and rebloom. Standards and style arms orient pink, Falls white, blushed french rose; beards orange, 1/2" pansy horn; lightly ruffled,slight sweet fragrance. Honorable Mention 2003
  • Acoma Iris

    Acoma Iris

    Acoma Iris, Iriswarehouse & Daylilywarehouse, tall bearded iris (TB), Hybridizer, Magee, 1987, height 30" early season bloom. Standards pale blue; falls ivory with light violet plicata pattern on edge;reddish beard; RUFFLED. Honorable Mention 1992, Award of Merit 1994, Wister Medal, 1997. Complicated parentage includes Orchid Brocard iris & Claudia Rene.