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  • Fairy Dawn Siberian Iris

    Fairy Dawn Siberian Iris

    Fairy Dawn Siberian Iris, Iriswarehouse, historic siberian iris, hybridizer, Elizabeth Scheffy, R. 1953, SIB, height 24" Early bloom, Standards white, Falls same flushed pinkish. Old white "sibirica type" with slight pinkish cast X unknown
  • Shaker's Prayer Siberian Iris

    Shaker's Prayer Siberian Iris

    Shaker's Prayer Siberian Iris, Siberian Iris (SIB), Hybridizer, Carol Warner, Year of Registration, 1989, Approximately, 30-36"tall, Early to late blooming season. Standards are violet; red violet styles; falls golden yellow at hafts, turning to white ground in center, Fall/sate spring delivery
  • Thornbird Daylily

    Thornbird Daylily

    Thornbird Daylily, Iriswarehouse & Daylilywarehouse, Hybridizer, Ford-N., 1986, scape height, 22 inches bloom size, 4 inches, midseason, diploid, Dormant, fragrant, extended bloom, red self with green throat , Parentage, Parentage: (Little Grapette × Ed Murray)
  • Chasing Rainbows Iris

    Chasing Rainbows Iris

    Chasing Rainbows Iris, Iriswarehouse, tall bearded iris, Hybridizer, Hager, 1995, 32", midseason bloom, standards are peach pink with purple at midrib. Falls are beige, lavender and blue blended. Orange beard. Good growth and multiples quickly
  • Apricot Silk Iris

    Apricot Silk Iris

    Apricot Silk Iris, Iriswarehouse, intermediate bearded iris, Hybridizer, Willott, height 22" Early bloom season. Standards light apricot; Falls slightly deeper; red-orange beard; ruffled. Honorable Mention 1989.
  • Superstition Iris

    Superstition Iris

    Superstition Iris, Iriswarehouse, Schreiner, tall bearded iris, historic iris, deepest purple-hued self; blue-black beard. HM 1978, AM 1981 REBLOOMS (note rebloom primarily in upper zones). Midseason Height - 36"