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New Products

  • Lily Multipacks

    Lily Multipacks

    Purchase a lily multipack, containing 8 lily bulbs (identified). Combination of asiatic and oriental lily bulbs (our choice). Bulbs will be no smaller than 12/14 and may be as large as 16/18. Ready for planting with instructions Price includes shipping for this item only! This item ships immediately.Insert promo code: LOVE for free shipping
  • Casa Blanca Lily Bulb

    Casa Blanca Lily Bulb

    Casa Blanca Oriental Lily Bulb, produces a pure white lily which is wonderful for both the garden and cutting. This lily is often used in wedding bouquets. Normally the blooms are as large as 10 inches. At maturity, the bulb can produce a plant approximately 4-6 feet tall. Be sure to plant this in a location with direct sun. Gorgeous and highly fragrant this is one of the most popular lilies grown! Size of bubs: 14/16. May be purchased as a single bulb, group of 3 or group of 5. Available for spring planting.
  • Patty Ann Iris

    Patty Ann Iris

    Patty Ann Iris, Tim Stanek, R. 2005, BB, 26" Early-Midseason & RE S. pink style arms lighter than shrimp red F. sapphire pink paling to white with green infusion below beard; beards vermillion red slight sweet fragrance. Parentage: Christa X Pink Attraction We have experienced one season rebloom in Michigan.
  • John Peat Daylily

    John Peat Daylily

    John Peat Daylily, (Petit, 2001), 22" high, 6" large blooms! Midseason, REBLOOMER! Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid. Burgundy with pink watermark and gold edge above green throat. What a beautiful plant!
  • Stepping Out Iris

    Stepping Out Iris

    Stepping Out Iris, Iriswarehouser, tall bearded iris, historic iris, Schreiner, 1964, height 38". Midseason-late bloom. Standards, primarily blue-violet with bits of white. Falls, White with large plicata edge of blue-violet. Purple/blue beard. Awards: Dykes Medal winner 1968, Honorable Mention 1965; Award of Merit 1967; American Dykes Medal 1968.
  • Batik Iris

    Batik Iris

    Batik iris, Iriswarehouse & Daylilywarehouse,border bearded iris, Hybridizer, A. Ensminger, year of registration date, 1985, Height, 26", Midseason bloom, descriptiion: White ground, striped royal purple, yellow beard. Parentage: Aegean Star X Purple Streaker. This iris has light purple based foliage.